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1. Learn about AI everyday

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2. Get the tools you need

Contact me to recommend suitable AI tools based on your business for free to take the first step on AI automation journey

3. Get Advantage Support

One-on-one consultation will give you free advice on how to integrate AI into your business to achieve automation and rapid growth based on your business situation.

More Juice, Less Squeeze

Slash costs and boost profits by onboarding a team of AI assistants

Reduce Costs

Eliminate dollars spent on repetitive tasks by assigning low ROI tasks to an AI assistant.

Boost Efficiency

Use effective AI tools to automatically acquire a large number of potential customers and increase the closing rate.

Increase Velocity

Make the sales process smoother to let your business expand up to 5x faster by removing human friction.


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Meet Our Founder

MILI, founder of Al Auntie and XpertFunnel, is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with over a decade of experience, globally driving commercial AI implementation.

Her mission is to democratize AI’s benefits in the business world. she is dedicated to empowering companies with AI strategies and resources for growth and innovation. Simplifying AI adoption for enterprises to seize rapid business opportunities.

She believes that AI is a future where technology liberates time, unleashes creativity, and unlocks high-profit opportunities, keeping businesses ahead of market competition.

Vaska - Famous personal image designer

I have known MiLi for many years. She is one of the most amiable and kind-hearted businesswomen I have ever met. She has unique insights and methods in brand creation and product marketing plans. Chatting with her often inspires me.

JT FOXX - The world’s #1 wealth coach

MiLi is a powerful woman. She is good at brand building and marketing promotion. She uses the least cost to achieve maximum results. If you have entrepreneurial ideas, be sure not to miss the opportunity to discuss with MiLi. You will benefit a lot.

Bruny Surin - Olympic champion

MiLi is a very kind businesswoman who founded a successful sports waist bag brand in China, and I also have a sportswear brand named after me in Canada. We exchanged operating experience together and benefited a lot.

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